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NEW product – Honey Eye Cream


Honey Eye Cream 15ml

After months of development, we’re soo excited to launch our brand new product – our Honey Eye Cream!

It has had some fabulous reviews pre-launch so we know you’ll going to love adding this eye cream to your existing skin care regime. So what’s in it that going to make all the difference???

Well for starters, it contains our very own award winning honey that is proven to soak up over 8 times its own weight in moisture. Our honey is added to organic cucumber extract that’s well known to cool & soothe the skin and diminish those dark circles around the eyes. It’s all blended with organic vegetable oils of rosehip and rice bran to reduce puffiness and then mixed with a healthy dose of kiwi seed oil to improve elasticity and therefore helps to smooth out those fine lines and wrinkles.

And if that’s not enough, our totally unique honey eye cream is then topped off with a fair amount of Siberian Ginseng for a natural “lift” that everyone is after without having the permanent effect and risk of an injection!

And finally, what about the scent? Well, we’ve included a tiny amount of geranium essential oil to give a subtle, gentle fragrance that we know you’ll love as much as we do.

So how best to apply? Well with all natural products, a little goes a long way (it’s gonna last for ages!) so pump a small amount onto your ring finger and gently pat the cream into the delicate skin around your eye. Start with the brow line, gently pat over the lids, then underneath and don’t forget those wrinkle-prone areas on the outside edges. But please remember, it may say “eye cream” on the label but make sure you keep it out of your eyes!

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