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Hive Originals HQ

They say all great businesses were started on the kitchen table and we’ve been no different! When we first started out, we lived in a tiny cottage with an even smaller kitchen and that was where Hive Originals was born. I always used to joke that the “£’s per sq ft” was sky high and would challenge any of the big retailers! However bijoux it was – the lack of space was incredibly frustrating.

Two years on, and we moved to Devizes into a much bigger house with what seemed like an enormous kitchen in comparison. However, the new house also had a “man shed” in the garden that was quickly converted into a “She shed” and that where we are today. People often ask where I make my products – well here it is – my converted 12′ x 8′ shed in the garden at home!


Inside our HQ

It’s nothing grand but it has (just out of shot) a Belfast sink with hot & cold running water and a desk with internet and phone connection. It has adequate lighting, it’s well insulated, vinyl flooring for easy cleaning, and a level work bench to make my products. I use industry standard/calibrated weighing scales, a small halogen hob for “cooking” when making creams, a manual filling machine, amongst other sundries such as a kettle for boiling bottled water and a microwave.


The “She” Shed



What you also can’t see though is that I also have 2 sheds and a garage for storage of excess packaging, bottles, hive equipment, honey extractor, archived paperwork….. The reality is that we’re quickly out-growing this space and now need something bigger… this space as we will be moving to our first official premises very soon!


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