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Natural Lip Balms for the colder weather

Ooooh, it was a little chilly this morning!

Well, just as you start to dig out the ice scraper and the de-icer, don’t forget to dig out your lip balms too! The cold weather dries skin out and there is nothing less attractive than cracked lips. But did you know, that not ALL lip balms will do the job you want them to? Many of the commercial brands use mineral or petroleum oils as a base and whilst they feel lovely on the skin on application, they seal the skin, stop it from breathing, which in turn dries it out underneath….. so you’ve got it – you apply another layer…. We all know someone who is addicted to their lip balms and I bet you they have a mineral oil base!

Lip Balm Poster purple copy copy

A natural lip balm is definitely the way forward. Our own beeswax lip balms have 3 simple main ingredients:
– Beeswax protects the skin from the elements, sealing moisture in BUT ALSO letting the skin breathe.
– Cocoa Butter softens the skin – soft, supple skin is less prone to damage.
– Sunflower oil that is high in natural vitamin E and is great for healing the skin.

The only choice left to make is which flavour? Our lip balms all have natural flavours of Honey, Chocolate, Mango, Key Lime Pie or Mint.

Do you have a favourite? Check out the range here….

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