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NEW product range – “Hive Originals for Men”.

We know that 63% of men who use moisturisers, secretly use whatever the women in their homes are using… Well guys, time for you to get your own skincare that’s tailored just for you! And that’s where we come in as we’re really excited to be launching our latest NEW range – Hive Originals for Men.

We’ve developed a couple of products to work as hard as men do and to keep them looking handsome, smelling divine and yet caring for even the most sensitive of skin. So without further ado, let me introduce you to:

HYDRATING FACE MOISTURISER for MEN – tailored to suit men who typically have dry, irritated areas after shaving with a few oily patches too. The generous percentage of honey heals, soothes and moisturises whilst the unique blend of organic vegetable oils are jammed packed of anti-oxidants to nourish and protect those good looks. The natural hyaluronic acid is known for retaining moisture so we’ve added a healthy dose of that too.

With Sandalwood essential oil to have you men smelling great! Find out more about our Hydrating Face Moisturiser for Men here. £20.00 for 50ml

BEE BALM for MEN – perfect for the guy who wants his grooming routine is one simple tin! Our beeswax and organic vegetable oil formula is great for beards & hair, hands & feet. How? Well it’s excellent for defining hair styles, softening beards and taming those goatees and moustaches or alternatively apply to hands, knees, elbows and heels to moisturise and repair dry, chapped skin.

The blend of sandalwood, juniper & clove bud essential oils give off a gentle masculine scent that the ladies like too! Find out more about our Bee Balm for Men here. £8.50 for 50ml

And don’t forget, our new Men’s range follows the same ethos as all our products – there are no mineral oils, no parabens, no SLS’s and no lanolin – just simply; 100% natural ingredients blended with honey & beeswax straight from the hive.

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