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Honey Original Hand & Body Wash Eco Refill



You can now buy our Honey Original Hand and Body Wash in a refillable pouch. By purchasing one of our refills, you’ll be helping us to reduce plastic waste. In fact each pouch saves ~80% less plastic and will fill 2 of our hand wash bottles.

This is our usual hand & body wash formula using the naturally sweet aroma of honey with notes of almonds. Blended with our natural vegetable-origin foaming base and our very own raw honey to leave hands feeling silky soft & squeaky clean.

Absolutely no Parabens, SLS’s or Mineral Oils used in any of our products and never tested on animals.


If you still need a bottle, you can buy one here.


We know that you love our hand and body washes but wanted us to do a more planet friendly option. Well, we’ve listened and we have come up with an alternative to throwing those bottles away. You can now buy our hand & body washes in 500ml refillable pouches. These pouches are recyclable, refillable and despite the fact that they are still made of plastic (see details below), by buying these instead of our bottles, means you’re helping us reduce plastic waste by ~80%!!

We will be looking at offering a refill option in the coming months (most likely after Christmas) where you’ll be able to return your pouches to be refilled – therefore saving 100% plastic waste! These pouches can be refilled multiple times. We still have the logistics to work out as we also want you help you save some money too so watch this space as this exciting project develops.

Every 500ml pouch will fill two (2) of our normal hand & body wash bottles. Once your bottle is empty, just unscrew the lid and carefully pour from your refill pouch into your bottle. We’ve opted for a small spout on the pouch which will fit inside your bottle reducing spillages and mess. Just remember NOT to overfill. In our artisan kitchen here at the unit, we usually fill to leave 1 cm or so below the bottle thread so there is enough room for the pump to be refitted without spillage.

A note about colours and natural ingredients

As you know, we handcraft everything from scratch using only the finest natural ingredients. As with everything in nature, natural colours vary, be that from the batch of honey we are currently using or the vegetable based foaming agents that we use. We also don’t use any artificial ingredients such as UV inhibitors so you may find that your bottle of hand wash changes colour whilst it’s sat on the side of the sink. With those points in mind, you may discover that your refill is a slightly different colour than what’s in your bottle. This is completely normal and is to be expected. Providing you haven’t overfilled your bottle, a gentle turn upside down with the pump firmly fitted will blend any variation in colours you may see. Some of you may even like the ombre colour that mixing different batches create!

Pouch Materials: 12 mic pet / 15 mic bopa / Alu.foil 6.5 MIC /PE 100 MIC

Recycling code: 7


INGREDIENTS: Aqua, Mipa Laureth Sulphate, Cocomidopryl Betaine, Mel (Honey), Olive oil (PEG-10 esters), Parfum (natural blend), Benzyl alcohol, Salicylic acid, Glycerine, Sorbic acid, Benzyl Benzoate, Coumarin.


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