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Honey hand cream & balm for gardeners

Honey hand cream & balm for gardeners

Spring is definitely in the air and I bet you’ve all been out in the garden giving it a bit of a tidy up (or you know someone who has!). Well, it’s also the time that those hands start to take a real battering with the cold air (yes it’s still chilly out there), combined with the hard work of general gardening combined with the soils stripping all the natural oils from your skin.

So protect them now and we guarantee to get rid of those chapped areas and for you to have beautiful hands again. We recommend our Intensive Gardeners Hand Balm to put on BEFORE you do your gardening – the beeswax melts into the skin and protects the against the elements, the rice bran oil softens & nourishes whilst the olive oil keeps the skin supple.

And then AFTER your time in the garden, relax with our Extra Rich Lemongrass Hand Cream that’s packed with our very own honey and a unique blend of organic vegetable oils to repair, nourish and moisturise those hands, fingers and nails.

Available individually: Hand Balm (£7.50), Extra Rich Hand Cream (£15.00) or buy them both together as a combo for £20 and save yourself some pennies too!

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