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Unsung hero – the secret to flawless skin

OK, maybe I’m being harsh but our Day Cream rarely gets a proper look-in as it’s overshadowed by its big sister, our Honey Night Cream.

Why? Well, I think I can honestly put hand on heart and say that is possibly due to my own influence. Partly because I have a passion for the blue packaging of our Night Cream, not to mention the amazing lavender and neroli scent but also because I admit I’m lazy. We all know that we should cleanse/tone/moisturise day AND night but sadly I don’t (embarrassed to admit it but I doubt that I’m the only one!).

As a rosacea sufferer, I know that when I follow the recommended regime and vary my products at both ends of the day (i.e the Day Cream in the morning and the Night Cream at night), my skin improves! The redness decreases, my skin is less dull, it looks and feels moisturised, the breakouts are less and even when any changes in temperature set off a flare-up, it heals and calms much faster.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that I developed all our products from scratch and there were many products that never made the shortlist when we launched to the general public. The Day Cream was developed to be a light moisturiser for all skin types including those with sensitive skin. So let me tell you more about our amazing Day Cream and see if I can convince you all to have a closer look too.

So what’s in our amazing Day Face Cream?

Honey – of course. Honey attracts over 8 times its own weight in moisture directly into the skin which your skin cells will be more than happy to drink up. Honey is also packed with anti-oxidants and helps to balance the skin’s natural pH. If you want to read more about how honey is just amazing for your skin, click here.


Rice Bran oil – this is a wonder oil that doesn’t get much focus. Maybe because its very name sounds a bit boring but do not be deceived. Rice Bran oil is the oil for anti-ageing. Now I hate the anti-ageing term but hear me out. When rice bran is applied to the skin, it influences oil secretion, helps prevent oxidation (ageing process) and encourages cell renewal which helps with pigmentation issues caused by ageing. Just think of the Geisha’s in Japan – they use Rice Bran oil from childhood and they typically have beautiful glowing and flawless skin…


Hemp Seed Oil (organic) – helps the skin retain moisture and softens. It is packed with GLA’s (Gamma Linolenic Acids) which the body converts to prostaglandins. Prostaglandins stop dryness, loss of suppleness and slow down wrinkling. Hemp seed helps the skin retain moisture and increases the cell’s ability to absorb oxygen. All of this helps generate a youthful, radiant and fresh appearance.


Aloe Vera (organic) – we make our own Aloe Vera gel that we put into some of our products. I’m sure you’ll all be aware of the healing properties of aloe vera due to the fact that it’s packed with anti-bacterial and antiseptic nutrients.It also softens and soothes and is perfect for sensitive skin. We also use our gel formula to help lighten our cream giving it a light velvety texture when applied to the skin. It’s a cosmetic formulators trick of the trade as there is nothing worse than a heavy feeling cream that potentially drags the skin during application.


Helichrysum Essential Oil (organic) – this is a super essential oil that is mega expensive! But we’ve gone all out and stuck this in our day cream as its benefits are amazing. It is excellent for regenerating all skin types, especially damaged or scarred skin. It helps remove inflammation from skin breakouts and damage, and is effective on rosacea, dermatitis and eczema prone skin. It gives our Day cream an almost honey-tea type of fragrance. You might also know Helichrysum as “Everlasting” or “Immortelle”.

So why should you use our Day Cream?

Well if the ingredients listed above are not enough for you to give it a go then how about this – the formula is much lighter than our night cream (as you’d expect) so it makes it a perfect base for your daily make-up and help give you a gentle radiance throughout the day. It’s also a great alternative for the summer. Your skin has so much more to deal with in the warmer months (either here or abroad) so a lighter moisturiser applied in the morning – your skin will thank you for.

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