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Why you should be using Honey in your skincare products


It’s that time of year where we’re just putting the bees to bed so-to-speak and getting them ready for the winter months. The summer honey that was extracted already seems like a long time ago and is stored in buckets ready to be used in all our natural products. Interesting fact number one: Did you know that pure raw honey never goes off and will in fact last thousands of years?! Amazing hey?

So as the beekeeping season moves into a much quieter period, it gives us chance to focus on why we do what we do and why we use our honey in natural skincare. We know from all of you that our products really do work and that’s because they contain our MAGIC ingredient, Honey so how come? What makes honey soo amazing that you should really consider using it in your skincare regimes?

1) Honey is a Humectant: A what? Don’t fear, humectant is just a scientific cosmetic term for “attracts moisture”. In fact, honey attracts over 8 times it’s own weight in moisture! Big wow! That makes all our products that use honey ultra moisturising, keeps your skin hydrated for longer and helps it retain a smooth and supple surface.

2) Honey is Anti-microbial: Honey prohibits the growth of certain bacteria due to it’s enzymatic structure which releases Hydrogen Peroxide, a compound that stops the growth of bacteria. This aids healing on the skin making it a great additive to help acne break-outs, cuts, blisters, insect bites, grazes and sores. It can also cure anti-fungal skin infections, such as yeast or athlete’s foot. In fact, anytime you risk an infection on your skin – honey can come to the rescue!

3) Balancing: The pH for honey falls between 3.9 and 5.0, making it fairly acidic (similar to orange juice). Our skin is also naturally acidic at about 5, but environmental factors, what we eat/drink and often many skincare products make our skin more alkaline then it should be. This affects our natural skin barrier function making it sensitive and susceptible to rosacea, dermatitis, wrinkles, breakouts etc. Using honey in your skincare regime is great for healthy balanced skin that gives you an overall nourished dewy glow that is protected against the environment. 

4) Antioxidant: With its 26 different amino acids and enzymes honey helps to prevent premature ageing by helping to mop up free radicals. I won’t bore you with the science behind those blighters called free radicals but just take it from me that they cause havoc on your skin and are responsible for skin damage. Honey applied topically really helps heal damaged tissue and reverses some of the damage done by premature ageing.

6) Soothing: Honey with all its amazing properties naturally soothes when applied to the skin. It makes it an excellent ingredient to calm itching for eczema and psoriasis whilst also encouraging the skin to heal. Honey is fabulous at soothing burns and helping to ease the pain.

The magic of our products really is in the honey so thanks to the bees for sharing their wonder food with us! You can find honey in all our Hand Creams, Foot Creams, Skincare, Shampoo and Hand washes for silky soft, moisturised, nourished and rejuvenated skin. 



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